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Is VIDGO the Future of TV Streaming?

Have you heard about the new VIDGO Streaming TV Service? Over the last decade or so, the entertainment industry has witnessed a dramatic change. From the monopoly of cable over everyday TV entertainment, the industry has become more competitive. People are now presented with more choices in the form of streaming services. Not only this, streaming services have completely transformed the industry, since they have changed the way people are used to watching entertainment. Their options are not limited to a television set anymore. People can now watch their favorite shows on a device that is accessible to them. Also, you do not need any TV guide now. You can watch what you like and whenever you find time for it. With the increasing market size of the streaming content, it was only obvious that more players will want a share of the pie. There are many streaming services for the users to choose from, each with their unique set of features. VIDGO is the latest entrant in the market and it has created a lot of buzz around itself since its launch in January.

VIDGO is an over the top streaming service that has promised high quality content at affordable prices to the buyer. If VIDGO is able to deliver all its promises, it will undoubtedly usher in a new era of entertainment. Other services will feel the heat of competition and want to match up to the standards being set by this frontrunner. So, what are these features that make VIDGO the future of streaming? Let’s find out!

Extensive Selection of TV Content

VIDGO streaming service television

When VIDGO was launched, there was no clarity on what the service offering was. But, the subsequent announcements have made VIDGO a sweeter and sweeter deal by the day. VIDGO will offer national networks as well as local channels. However, the service will be available only in select few cities at the initial stage. These markets include major cities like Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Miami, Chicago, and Atlanta.

Many Movies to Watch

No entertainment offering is complete without a good collection of movies on offer, and VIDGO does not disappoint. The service offers first run titles of movies for its users to watch. You will be delighted to see the rich and updated collection of movies that you can watch on VIDGO. Not only this, there are a lot of on-demand videos that are up for grabs, once you subscribe to VIDGO.

Ideal for Sports Fans

VIDGO best streaming service

Most of the streaming services focus on programming related to television shows, movies, and music. Some even deliver news and weather updates. But, when it comes to sports, cable TV appeared to be a better option so far, because streaming services really fall short in this category. This is slowly changing as Sling TV is now offering a sports package and PlayStation Vue is also coming out with sports programming. But, it is still not enough for a fan. So, being a sports fan meant that you are firmly rooted to your cable TV provider. At least, until now. With VIDGO, this status quo is going to change.

Users are going to have access premium sports channels, which are yet to be announced. However, VIDGO has been able to pull off a stunt that no other streaming service has been able to so far. VIDGO has managed to strike a deal with National Football League Network to stream them on its service. This is a first for the streaming industry. The premium sports content offered to the consumer is definitely a unique selling point for VIDGO.

Pick and choose

This is what VIDGO is offering to its consumers. It is offering them a buffet of channels and the users get to decide what they want in their basket. You do not have to blindly sign up for any packages, even though you don’t like most of the channels, and just because you like some of them. This is flexibility at another level. No other service available out there in the market offers such freedom to their customers. VIDGO consumers will surely feel special, once they have complete control over what they want to watch.

LIVE content

With VIDGO, you are not watching content from a library, but it is live content as you find on cable. You are watching the programming as it is being aired by the broadcasting networks to the cable TV. However, you do not have to put up with any of the hassles of a cable connection. You do not have to undergo a credit check and you do not have to enter a contract. There is no equipment fee that you have to pay and there are no installation charges that you have to incur either.

VIDGO works exactly like a streaming service in that sense. All you need is an account through which you can subscribe and you are good to go.

Easy to Navigate

A service may offer you hundreds of features, but if you are not able to navigate through the user interface and use them, it will easily lose your interest. With VIDGO, you will never face such a problem. There is going to be a ‘Favorites’ menu on the VIDGO toolbar, which will help the users to find and see the content they watch most frequently. So, if you are following a show, then it will get added to the ‘Favorites’ menu and you will be able to find it instantly the next time you log in.

Stream on Any Device and to Many Devices At Once

VIDGO streaming live tv

Older streaming services like Netflix have been around from a time when online streaming was not mainstream. This has put them in an advantageous position, where Netflix can be streamed on pretty much any device. However, this is not true for newer streaming services. So, the user is forced to subscribe to a service that their device supports or buy the device after they have subscribed to a service of their choice.

Though VIDGO is a new player, its promoters are industry veterans. They had already identified this pain point and made VIDGO compatible with the most commonly used streaming devices.

Not only does VIDGO allows its users to use the streaming device of their choice, it also lets them stream the content to multiple devices at once. This feature will not cost the user anything extra and is included with every pack that VIDGO offers. So, once you have VIDGO at home, you can watch whatever show you want to watch at the same time another member of your family is streaming VIDGO on a different device.

Never Get Bored

VIDGO offers its service to the users in the house or while outside. All that is needed is an active high speed internet connection and you will be able to enjoy the complete programming of your package on- the-go.

This is a really good offering for sports fans who love to watch a match live and witness a sensational win, rather than watching a recorded version or reading about it in the newspaper. With VIDGO, you carry your entertainment station with you everywhere.

Save Favorite Shows Automatically

Now that you know about what content will be made available to VIDGO users and how they can stream it, you should also know that the streaming service lets you save the shows that you did not watch. VIDGO offers cloud DVR services, which are a blessing for people with odd working hours. The best part is that you do not have to record anything. Whatever you do not watch automatically gets recorded and saved on the cloud.

Low Cost

There is so much on offer on VIDGO. Yet, the company claims that it is aiming to position itself as a low- cost service provider. If this does happen, VIDGO will have no problem in establishing a strong foothold in the market from the very beginning. However, the service has not given any hints with regard to its pricing structure.

Now, low-cost is a relative term. It is not clear whether VIDGO is calling itself low cost compared to other streaming services or to cable services. It remains to be seen what price point VIDGO will consider to be optimum.


VIDGO is undoubtedly offering its users a service that has never been offered before. It is a complete package and is well-worth a try. 

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Gilmore Girls Revival Officially Coming to Netflix!

Dan Bucatinsky will be appearing on the Gilmore Girls revival, giving the show a taste of Scandal. Bucatinsky is not only an Emmy award winner, he is also an active producer for a number of different shows including The Comeback, Lipstick Jungle, Grey’s Anatomy, and Who Do You Think You Are?. He is also involved in 24 Legacy, In Plain Sight, The Comeback, Marry Me, and Web Therapy as an actor. His next big adventure will be taking up a character in the fictitious town of Stars Hollow for the revival of Gilmore Girls.

gilmore girls revival rory

Recently Bucatinsky made it known that he would be joining the cast of Gilmore Girls. He even posted an image with Alexis Bledel (Rory) on social media, further giving notion to the fact that he will be working with her. In fact, it appeared that he was working with Bledel exclusively—suggesting that he may have a role as a co worker of Rory’s, or other similar relation. Considering the fact that Rory is a teacher in the revival, it could be that Bucatinsky plays a fellow educator.

Bucatinsky acts as a connection between Shondaland and Stars Hollow. In fact, many others have come before him, representing a link between the two—others include Emily Kuroda, Liz Torres, David Sutcliffe, Liza Weil, and Keiko Agena. All of the former actors went on to make an appearance in a Shonda Rhimes series.

Aside from Bucatinsky there will be many actors appearing in the cast of Gilmore Girls. A few new auditions, aside from Bucatinsky, include Mae Whitman and Sutton Foster. Most of the actors in the cast, however, will be those who were involved in the original seasons of the show. This is certainly not disappointing news for fans who love the original cast. These actors include Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, Kelly Bishop, Scott Patterson, Yanic Truesdale, Keiko Agena, Liza Weil, Milo Ventimiglia, Matt Czuchry, Jared Padalecki, Melissa McCarthy, and they will all be returning to Gilmore Girls. In fact, these are only some of the names compared to the entire cast list.

gilmore girls revival alexis bledel

For some time it was thought that McCarthy, another original star, wouldn’t be coming back to the Gilmore Girls revival. She formerly played the part of Sookie St. James. Amy Sherman-Palladino, the creator of the series, stated that McCarthy was too busy to rejoin the cast. There was some confusion, because McCarthy claimed that she was never invited to reprise her role as Sookie. From that point things only escalated. It wasn’t that there was any discord between either McCarthy or Sherman- Palladino, but both did have high hopes regarding the situation. McCarthy appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and that was when things finally became clear—she said that she would be returning to Gilmore Girls.

McCarthy stated that she went to visit the set and it stirred deep nostalgia and sentiment within her. Getting to see everyone from the old cast and the sets was a nice experience for her. She stated that she believes fans will be happy/thrilled when they see the new show. At this point in time there is no premiere date for the Gilmore Girls revival.

gilmore girls revival

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Things You Didn’t Know About Arrow

Arrow is an American television series that features the DC Comics character Green Arrow as the show’s primary focus and airs on The CW cable network. Like other super-hero television series, Arrow features the costumed, crime-fighting protagonist in a modern day setting dealing with modern day crime. Green Arrow, whose real identity is billionaire playboy Oliver Queen, comes to fruition after Queen is stranded on a hostile island for years. Upon returning home, he vows to stop crime wherever he can, the bow and arrow his weapon of choice. Unlike in the comic books that focus around his new identity, Queen does not initially assume the alias Green Arrow.

Produced and written by Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim, and Andrew Kreisberg, the show takes a more realistic approach at the Green Arrow, fitting him in a modern day world where fantasy powers are more downplayed, a world where cunning and ability are highly valued. The series focuses instead on the humanity of Oliver Queen, and not merely his role as a superhero. Questions leading into his time on the island and how that traumatic experience changed him to the core are central themes presented within the context of the story. Most of the episodes feature flashback scenes during which the audience is able to glean a bit more information about how his time on the island got under his skin and changed him, or forced him to think in new ways, merely to survive.


As the show progresses, the various ways in which Queen changed become manifest in his behavior. He begins tracking down, and sometimes even murdering, wealthy criminals. He begins rekindling old relationships, like the one with his ex-girlfriend, though she remains angry with him for his role in her sister’s death. As his crusade strengthens, aided in part by his friends Felicity Smoak and John Diggle, he uncovers a conspiracy to destroy the Glades, a poor, crime-infested part of Starling City.

Although a Green Arrow was present during Smallville from 2006-2011, the show’s producers decided to start fresh and featured a different Green Arrow. Wanting to distance themselves from the fame of Smallville and make their own name and create their own distinct Green Arrow, the producers cast Stephen Amell to play the role of Oliver Queen.

Arrow has received generally positive reviews from critics since its debut. As a show, it’s The CW’s highest rated brand new television series in five years, ensuring the continuation of the story over a few seasons, at least. The show had an average of nearly 3.7 million viewers per episode over the course of its first season. In addition, the show has won three awards, and has several nominations.

The first and second seasons of Arrow are available on Blu-ray and DVD. The third season of the show premiered in early October of last year, generating a spin-off series, The Flash, which premiered the day before. in January of 2015, Arrow was renewed for a fourth, 24-episode season, likely to air in the fall season of this year. Just go here to find other home entertainment opportunities

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Should Nick Get His Powers Back on NBC’s Grimm?


NBC’s Grimm shocked fans during its last season when Nick, the titular ‘Grimm’ of the show, was unknowingly stripped of his powers by a vengeful Adalind. The only known chance for the spell to be reversed was ruined when the special drink Trubel was given by the Captain was broken and spilled at Monroe and Rosalie’s wedding.

In the first episodes of the current season, Nick has been dealing with his sudden loss of Grimm powers and looking for a way to reverse the curse. But there have been several moments where several characters—including Nick himself—wonder if he should even attempt to get his Grimm powers back. While it’s not very likely that the show will let its main character be without his special powers forever, there are some fans who think that making the risky choice to leave Nick without them might be better payoff in the future. Let’s look at some of the reasons for and against Nick getting his powers back on NBC’s Grimm.

Yea: It’s just not Grimm without, well—a Grimm!

Trubel is an interesting character, but the show just isn’t the same without Nick being able to see the different Wesen and attack them accordingly. Nick is much more experienced than Trubel, and her inexperience is more of a hindrance than an asset because she is not used to accepting what she sees or reacting to it in the best way possible.

Nay: It could be more interaction between supporting characters!

If Nick doesn’t have his Grimm powers, it could be up to supporting characters like Monroe, Hank, Trubel and others to pick up the slack. They may have to work together to identify Wesen and even confront them. This could be an interesting twist to the show which often relies on Nick doing the bulk of the leg work.

Yea: Without his powers, Nick will not able to fully explain things to Sergeant Wu


Sergeant Wu has been coming closer to the truth about the monster that he saw—and the truth about the existence of real Wesen—since the end of the last season. Eventually, Nick and Hank will have to reveal the truth to Wu, but if Nick does not have his Grimm powers at that time, he may not be able to fully convince Wu that he is telling the truth. You can find out more over here.

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Charter Cable Has Made Huge Improvements

charter-tipsYou will really be thankful to Charter Communications when you have the ability to relax to your favorite TV show or a riveting sports game after work. It is the little things in life that make it all enjoyable. You can now enjoy all three Charter home services – Charter TV, Charter Internet, and Charter Phone – for great low prices like never before.

Sign up and save now when you order these amazing, quality home services from Charter Communications. Charter utilizes breakthrough technology to enhance the services that are offered, so that you get the best cable services that are available. Experience Charter, and experience the future of entertainment and communications today.

If you are a lover of fabulous home entertainment, you need to sign up for Charter TV right away. Charter TV has tons of great, all digital channel options for the entire family to enjoy. From fabulous sports programming coverage to children’s programming – Charter Cable has it all!

Catch up on your favorite hit evening shows that air on your favorite networks, and keep up with the most popular shows and movies through Charter TV programming. Find what you are looking for ñ FAST, with a comprehensive Charter Program Guide. This Program Guide allows you to find what is playing now, or what is airing in the future.

When you sign up for Charter TV, you will also want to experience a Charter TV DVR, or digital video recorder. A DVR allows you to record hours and hours of fabulous entertainment. Record sporting events, movies, shows, and much more with the flick of a button. Store recorded programming for as long as you like so that you can watch it when you want to.

A DVR from Charter TV also allows you to control live action programming, with great features such as rewind and pause. Get more out of the shows and sports that you enjoy the most with these great options. Fast-forward through recorded shows to skip over commercials and credits as well.

Indulge in Free Charter On Demand when you sign up for Charter TV. Free Charter On Demand is yours at no additional cost, and offers movies and shows around the clock for your enjoyment. Receive even more great programming options when you sign up for On Demand from Charter.

On Demand presents you with 24/7 programming options, with all of your favorite shows, movies, sports, music, and so much more. View the programming that you want to see around the clock with Charter On Demand in your home. Charter On Demand is available for incredibly low prices today.

Treat yourself to something spectacular with low cost Pay-Per-View options. Pay-Per-View offers live action events in real time for you to enjoy from the comfort and convenience of your home. Invite friends over and have a party while you watch an exciting wrestling match, boxing match, concert, or comedy event. Get more entertainment with Charter TV today.

If you enjoy connections, you need Charter Internet now. Charter Internet offers you a door to the blossoming world of technology. Sign up for Charter Internet Lite, Experess, Plus, or Ultra today, and open the door of opportunity.

An online connection is perfect for communicating through email, as well as through social networking and instant messaging. Watch movies and recently aired episodes of television shows that you enjoy through streaming entertainment, or even sports games! Share files such as photos, and download music and movies to your computer fast.

Indulge in the many great features and extras that Charter Internet has to offer. Charter Security Suite will help to keep you safe from online threats around the clock. Enjoy a multitude of Free email accounts for everyone in your home to enjoy. Access your email accounts from any computer with an online connection. Enjoy all of this and more with Charter Internet.spectrum-guardians-of-the-galaxy-camping-comercial

Charter Phone offers you fabulous calling plans at low prices that you can afford. Competitive International rates are wonderfully low through all digital Charter Phone. Enjoy a calling plan to suit your needs, as well as phenomenal extras, such as Voicemail, and out of this world calling features. Calling features may include Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Screening, Custom Ring, and more.

Combine two or even all three fabulous Charter services together with a Charter Bundled Deal to save money and time each and every month. The convenience of a Charter Bundle is simply priceless! Call a Charter provider in your area today for more great deals near you.