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“The Walking Dead” is Coming to an Infectious Climax

It would seem that life in the survivor’s camp has never been so difficult. Carol was cast off, disease is ravaging the camp, the fence is about to come down. Yes, the fence that serves as the main barrier between the walkers and the camp. Obviously, this is a big problem.

walkingdeadWhile the fence collapsing and scenes of a wave of walkers being fought off builds some drama, it’s hard to feel anything but underwhelmed at this episode. Last week’s episode was amazing, full of suspense, and a major character got sent away. This week, we expected more about that and some serious drama to go down. Instead, we got only more walkers being bashed in the face, shot at, and so on.

Rick returns to camp and tells Maggie what happened with Carol. This scene is particularly unsatisfying, and she merely remarks that he did the right thing. That was it. He did also tell Hershel, but the reaction wasn’t shown. I’m extremely curious about his take on it, being a man of medicine and a typical level-headed, good soul.

Hershel was, by far, the star of this episode. He was calm as the infected became walkers and did what he had to do. More profound quotes came out of this episode, as he explains that “a sad soul can kill quicker than a germ”. This is amazing. The quote was borrowed from Steinbeck, and it’s a nice way the show highlights Hershel’s inner thoughts. What is the link between emotion, the will to live, and actually surviving? This is a question viewers are asking more each week, as the camp has to endure more and more hardship with little relief in sight. He also says there is a plan, a reason for this all happening to them. Maybe. The episode concludes his part of the episode with a shot of him sobbing in his cell. He’s a hero, and even heroes cry sometimes.

Lizzy’s attempt to lure walker Henry away from Glenn as she would a dog was a little strange. Viewers thought she’d fight with Carol’s trusty knife, but it was a no-go. She somehow just happens to trip over her own shoes and Hershel must come to her rescue. While brave, it begs the question about Lizzy’s ability to have that ‘killer instinct’ if she needs it. It seems like the answer may be no, but we hope to be proven wrong if worse comes to worse. Maggie’s attempt to break into the prison after she hears the news of trouble is just laughably stupid. Her axe breaks on the door and she’s useless. It would seem everybody except Hershel was just kind of useless in this episode, and it’s not looking to good for the camp. Lizzy also swirls her shoe in a bloody puddle,  which was honestly vomit-inducing. If you’re feeling confused after this episode, you’re far from alone.

Oh, and did we mention The Governor is standing right outside the camp, eye-patch and all? Looks like things are about to get even more intense for our survivors.


Home Entertainment Deals Are Getting Better!

Home entertainment is a very integral part of every household. It consists of primarily a television set and its encompassing peripherals. However to make everything click, your home entertainment system needs something to feed on; and by feeding it means programs and channels to play and exhibit.

A truly complete home entertainment system would require a comprehensive television broadcast with different programs from different channels. While there are countless television broadcasters out there airing your favorite shows; the monopolizing of the market by the bigger players has hiked up the price considerably.

Enter the offerings by Dish Network. This company offers everything that your regular CBSNBC and Fox would offer at a premium with more options and choices. This satellite HDTV broadcast enables every household to operate their own home entertainment system to satisfy their own needs. But one might ask; why is it different from NBC, CBS and other satellite TV providers?

The answer for this question comes down to the power of choice and selection for the users. With the Dish Network packages, you can select a package that suits you best. If you like sports, then the America’s Top 200 package would be the ideal fit for you. The America’s Top 250 caters for all the movie lovers who cannot afford to miss their favorite movies in the theaters. It definitely beats queuing up at the movie theatre for seats and it ultimately saves you a lot of money and time.

There are 6 packages to choose from; depending on your choice of television channels. The entry level Smart Pack offers 190 channels of unparalleled family entertainment at a bargain. If you feel that your family has a need for every television show and program out there, then the Everything Pack might be answer to your enquiries. This premium package is also not exorbitantly priced.

There is also another interesting offer made by Dish Network Satellite TV. The Hopper is a digital video recorder (DVR) introduced by Dish themselves. This DVR allows you to tune in to all the primetime shows like what you get from ABC and Fox. A large memory base enables you to record and store more than 2000 hours of your selected movies and shows for your viewing convenience. Besides that, you can stream countless of movies directly to your home entertainment system while watching 4 HD programs on different televisions. This is as good as it gets when it comes to satellite TV.

These packages and the DISH Hopper are selling like hotcakes at the moment and you should grab one while it is hot. It is time to read and find out more about these special entertainment deals!