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Things You Didn’t Know About Arrow

Arrow is an American television series that features the DC Comics character Green Arrow as the show’s primary focus and airs on The CW cable network. Like other super-hero television series, Arrow features the costumed, crime-fighting protagonist in a modern day setting dealing with modern day crime. Green Arrow, whose real identity is billionaire playboy Oliver Queen, comes to fruition after Queen is stranded on a hostile island for years. Upon returning home, he vows to stop crime wherever he can, the bow and arrow his weapon of choice. Unlike in the comic books that focus around his new identity, Queen does not initially assume the alias Green Arrow.

Produced and written by Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim, and Andrew Kreisberg, the show takes a more realistic approach at the Green Arrow, fitting him in a modern day world where fantasy powers are more downplayed, a world where cunning and ability are highly valued. The series focuses instead on the humanity of Oliver Queen, and not merely his role as a superhero. Questions leading into his time on the island and how that traumatic experience changed him to the core are central themes presented within the context of the story. Most of the episodes feature flashback scenes during which the audience is able to glean a bit more information about how his time on the island got under his skin and changed him, or forced him to think in new ways, merely to survive.


As the show progresses, the various ways in which Queen changed become manifest in his behavior. He begins tracking down, and sometimes even murdering, wealthy criminals. He begins rekindling old relationships, like the one with his ex-girlfriend, though she remains angry with him for his role in her sister’s death. As his crusade strengthens, aided in part by his friends Felicity Smoak and John Diggle, he uncovers a conspiracy to destroy the Glades, a poor, crime-infested part of Starling City.

Although a Green Arrow was present during Smallville from 2006-2011, the show’s producers decided to start fresh and featured a different Green Arrow. Wanting to distance themselves from the fame of Smallville and make their own name and create their own distinct Green Arrow, the producers cast Stephen Amell to play the role of Oliver Queen.

Arrow has received generally positive reviews from critics since its debut. As a show, it’s The CW’s highest rated brand new television series in five years, ensuring the continuation of the story over a few seasons, at least. The show had an average of nearly 3.7 million viewers per episode over the course of its first season. In addition, the show has won three awards, and has several nominations.

The first and second seasons of Arrow are available on Blu-ray and DVD. The third season of the show premiered in early October of last year, generating a spin-off series, The Flash, which premiered the day before. in January of 2015, Arrow was renewed for a fourth, 24-episode season, likely to air in the fall season of this year. Just go here to find other home entertainment opportunities

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Should Nick Get His Powers Back on NBC’s Grimm?


NBC’s Grimm shocked fans during its last season when Nick, the titular ‘Grimm’ of the show, was unknowingly stripped of his powers by a vengeful Adalind. The only known chance for the spell to be reversed was ruined when the special drink Trubel was given by the Captain was broken and spilled at Monroe and Rosalie’s wedding.

In the first episodes of the current season, Nick has been dealing with his sudden loss of Grimm powers and looking for a way to reverse the curse. But there have been several moments where several characters—including Nick himself—wonder if he should even attempt to get his Grimm powers back. While it’s not very likely that the show will let its main character be without his special powers forever, there are some fans who think that making the risky choice to leave Nick without them might be better payoff in the future. Let’s look at some of the reasons for and against Nick getting his powers back on NBC’s Grimm.

Yea: It’s just not Grimm without, well—a Grimm!

Trubel is an interesting character, but the show just isn’t the same without Nick being able to see the different Wesen and attack them accordingly. Nick is much more experienced than Trubel, and her inexperience is more of a hindrance than an asset because she is not used to accepting what she sees or reacting to it in the best way possible.

Nay: It could be more interaction between supporting characters!

If Nick doesn’t have his Grimm powers, it could be up to supporting characters like Monroe, Hank, Trubel and others to pick up the slack. They may have to work together to identify Wesen and even confront them. This could be an interesting twist to the show which often relies on Nick doing the bulk of the leg work.

Yea: Without his powers, Nick will not able to fully explain things to Sergeant Wu


Sergeant Wu has been coming closer to the truth about the monster that he saw—and the truth about the existence of real Wesen—since the end of the last season. Eventually, Nick and Hank will have to reveal the truth to Wu, but if Nick does not have his Grimm powers at that time, he may not be able to fully convince Wu that he is telling the truth. You can find out more over here.

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Comcast Cable TV is Your One-Stop Shop for Television Entertainment

in-home-wifi-password-network-name-passwordComcast didn’t become the largest cable television provider in the nation by accident. They did it by pioneering new technologies that let them bring their customers the best services, with the best quality, at the best prices available. No other service provider can compete with their combination of variety, value, and cost. With their packages, you can get every feature and option you’ve ever wanted from a cable TV provider for an affordable monthly rate.

Start off with an incredible variety of channels, each one loaded with hours of quality entertainment. Comcast Cable TV offers over 200 channels, all broadcast in digital quality with CD quality sound. The picture and sound quality is far superior to anything you’ll get from a standard cable provider. And that’s just the standard definition programming—Comcast Cable TV also offers the largest variety of High Definition programming available.

HD programming has superior video quality and enhanced digital audio—creating a true theatrical experience right in your living room. Image resolution is six times that of standard definition, making the images on the screen incredibly clear and lifelike. And the enhanced audio lets you enjoy sound with the same depth and range as a commercial movie theater.

And you’ll have a ton of movies to choose from. Along with the movies that you can watch on the network and cable channels, Comcast Cable TV also offers thousands of movies through the On Demand network and through premium subscriptions.

On Demand has thousands of movies and shows for immediate viewing. Just pick a title and watch it any time you want. There are over 1,000 titles available in HD, with more being added all the time.

Premium movie channels like HBO, Showtime, and Cinemax bring you classic movies, new hits, and original programming. If you have a subscription to a premium channel, you can watch some of the movies and shows through the On Demand network any time you want.

So, what could be better than a ton of programming in HD? How about a growing selection of titles in 3D. Add an extra dimension to your television viewing with a 3D package from Comcast Cable TV. Movies, sports, and family friendly programming is available in 3D for customers with compatible TVs. And the selection is growing every day.

xfinity-stream-every-deviceComcast High Speed Internet for Safer Surfing

You need proper safety equipment on anything that moves fast. From cars to jets, if it can really move, it’s got to have the right gear to keep you safe. That’s why Comcast High Speed Internet comes with a fully featured security package. When you’re blazing across the internet at the speeds Comcast Internet Plans offer, you don’t want to be worried about viruses or hackers.

The fully integrated security software protects your hardware and your important files from malicious programs. Your online transactions will be safer and you won’t have to worry about online identity theft.

If you have kids in the house, you’ll love the parental controls. They make it easy to protect your children from online threats and inappropriate content.

All of the security software runs in the background—you don’t even have to updated it, it takes care of updates by itself. You’ll be protected night and day, without having to lift a finger off your mouse.

Comcast Phone—A Different Kind of Telephone Service

Are you ready to experience crystal clear phone calls that don’t cost a fortune? Comcast Phone uses a digital adapter to provide home telephone service that sounds great and costs less. Thanks to the digital technology, you can also use a host of features that traditional telephone providers can’t offer.

Forward all of your calls to one number with call forwarding—or, forward one number to all of your phones with selective call forwarding. Avoid annoying relatives and telemarketers with anonymous call rejection, call screening, caller ID, and selective ring. These are just a few of the features that you get standard with Comcast Phone. And you can manage all of the features and more with their online interface.

Comcast Bundles—Affordable Entertainment for All

You used to have to buy all of these services separately from different companies. That was an expensive and inconvenient way to get what you wanted. Now, Comcast lets you get their great services in cost-saving bundles. They even offer great discounts when you add more services—the more convenience you take advantage of, the more money they help you save.

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Charter Cable Has Made Huge Improvements

charter-tipsYou will really be thankful to Charter Communications when you have the ability to relax to your favorite TV show or a riveting sports game after work. It is the little things in life that make it all enjoyable. You can now enjoy all three Charter home services – Charter TV, Charter Internet, and Charter Phone – for great low prices like never before.

Sign up and save now when you order these amazing, quality home services from Charter Communications. Charter utilizes breakthrough technology to enhance the services that are offered, so that you get the best cable services that are available. Experience Charter, and experience the future of entertainment and communications today.

If you are a lover of fabulous home entertainment, you need to sign up for Charter TV right away. Charter TV has tons of great, all digital channel options for the entire family to enjoy. From fabulous sports programming coverage to children’s programming – Charter Cable has it all!

Catch up on your favorite hit evening shows that air on your favorite networks, and keep up with the most popular shows and movies through Charter TV programming. Find what you are looking for ñ FAST, with a comprehensive Charter Program Guide. This Program Guide allows you to find what is playing now, or what is airing in the future.

When you sign up for Charter TV, you will also want to experience a Charter TV DVR, or digital video recorder. A DVR allows you to record hours and hours of fabulous entertainment. Record sporting events, movies, shows, and much more with the flick of a button. Store recorded programming for as long as you like so that you can watch it when you want to.

A DVR from Charter TV also allows you to control live action programming, with great features such as rewind and pause. Get more out of the shows and sports that you enjoy the most with these great options. Fast-forward through recorded shows to skip over commercials and credits as well.

Indulge in Free Charter On Demand when you sign up for Charter TV. Free Charter On Demand is yours at no additional cost, and offers movies and shows around the clock for your enjoyment. Receive even more great programming options when you sign up for On Demand from Charter.

On Demand presents you with 24/7 programming options, with all of your favorite shows, movies, sports, music, and so much more. View the programming that you want to see around the clock with Charter On Demand in your home. Charter On Demand is available for incredibly low prices today.

Treat yourself to something spectacular with low cost Pay-Per-View options. Pay-Per-View offers live action events in real time for you to enjoy from the comfort and convenience of your home. Invite friends over and have a party while you watch an exciting wrestling match, boxing match, concert, or comedy event. Get more entertainment with Charter TV today.

If you enjoy connections, you need Charter Internet now. Charter Internet offers you a door to the blossoming world of technology. Sign up for Charter Internet Lite, Experess, Plus, or Ultra today, and open the door of opportunity.

An online connection is perfect for communicating through email, as well as through social networking and instant messaging. Watch movies and recently aired episodes of television shows that you enjoy through streaming entertainment, or even sports games! Share files such as photos, and download music and movies to your computer fast.

Indulge in the many great features and extras that Charter Internet has to offer. Charter Security Suite will help to keep you safe from online threats around the clock. Enjoy a multitude of Free email accounts for everyone in your home to enjoy. Access your email accounts from any computer with an online connection. Enjoy all of this and more with Charter Internet.spectrum-guardians-of-the-galaxy-camping-comercial

Charter Phone offers you fabulous calling plans at low prices that you can afford. Competitive International rates are wonderfully low through all digital Charter Phone. Enjoy a calling plan to suit your needs, as well as phenomenal extras, such as Voicemail, and out of this world calling features. Calling features may include Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Screening, Custom Ring, and more.

Combine two or even all three fabulous Charter services together with a Charter Bundled Deal to save money and time each and every month. The convenience of a Charter Bundle is simply priceless! Call a Charter provider in your area today for more great deals near you.