Comcast Cable TV is Your One-Stop Shop for Television Entertainment

in-home-wifi-password-network-name-passwordComcast didn’t become the largest cable television provider in the nation by accident. They did it by pioneering new technologies that let them bring their customers the best services, with the best quality, at the best prices available. No other service provider can compete with their combination of variety, value, and cost. With their packages, you can get every feature and option you’ve ever wanted from a cable TV provider for an affordable monthly rate.

Start off with an incredible variety of channels, each one loaded with hours of quality entertainment. Comcast Cable TV offers over 200 channels, all broadcast in digital quality with CD quality sound. The picture and sound quality is far superior to anything you’ll get from a standard cable provider. And that’s just the standard definition programming—Comcast Cable TV also offers the largest variety of High Definition programming available.

HD programming has superior video quality and enhanced digital audio—creating a true theatrical experience right in your living room. Image resolution is six times that of standard definition, making the images on the screen incredibly clear and lifelike. And the enhanced audio lets you enjoy sound with the same depth and range as a commercial movie theater.

And you’ll have a ton of movies to choose from. Along with the movies that you can watch on the network and cable channels, Comcast Cable TV also offers thousands of movies through the On Demand network and through premium subscriptions.

On Demand has thousands of movies and shows for immediate viewing. Just pick a title and watch it any time you want. There are over 1,000 titles available in HD, with more being added all the time.

Premium movie channels like HBO, Showtime, and Cinemax bring you classic movies, new hits, and original programming. If you have a subscription to a premium channel, you can watch some of the movies and shows through the On Demand network any time you want.

So, what could be better than a ton of programming in HD? How about a growing selection of titles in 3D. Add an extra dimension to your television viewing with a 3D package from Comcast Cable TV. Movies, sports, and family friendly programming is available in 3D for customers with compatible TVs. And the selection is growing every day.

xfinity-stream-every-deviceComcast High Speed Internet for Safer Surfing

You need proper safety equipment on anything that moves fast. From cars to jets, if it can really move, it’s got to have the right gear to keep you safe. That’s why Comcast High Speed Internet comes with a fully featured security package. When you’re blazing across the internet at the speeds Comcast Internet Plans offer, you don’t want to be worried about viruses or hackers.

The fully integrated security software protects your hardware and your important files from malicious programs. Your online transactions will be safer and you won’t have to worry about online identity theft.

If you have kids in the house, you’ll love the parental controls. They make it easy to protect your children from online threats and inappropriate content.

All of the security software runs in the background—you don’t even have to updated it, it takes care of updates by itself. You’ll be protected night and day, without having to lift a finger off your mouse.

Comcast Phone—A Different Kind of Telephone Service

Are you ready to experience crystal clear phone calls that don’t cost a fortune? Comcast Phone uses a digital adapter to provide home telephone service that sounds great and costs less. Thanks to the digital technology, you can also use a host of features that traditional telephone providers can’t offer.

Forward all of your calls to one number with call forwarding—or, forward one number to all of your phones with selective call forwarding. Avoid annoying relatives and telemarketers with anonymous call rejection, call screening, caller ID, and selective ring. These are just a few of the features that you get standard with Comcast Phone. And you can manage all of the features and more with their online interface.

Comcast Bundles—Affordable Entertainment for All

You used to have to buy all of these services separately from different companies. That was an expensive and inconvenient way to get what you wanted. Now, Comcast lets you get their great services in cost-saving bundles. They even offer great discounts when you add more services—the more convenience you take advantage of, the more money they help you save.