How Sling TV is Reshaping the Future of TV Entertainment

Until 2007, there was only one way to enjoy television entertainment – sit in front of our TVs when the TV networks wanted us to. If you miss the schedule, you end up missing your chance to enjoy the program that aired at that time. Once that happened, you either paid more money to watch that program on-demand, or made peace with the loss.

When Nsling-tvetflix went online, it began a new era of television entertainment, which changed the dynamics of the whole game. For the first time in the history of TV entertainment, the viewer was put in the driver’s seat.

They could watch what they wanted, when they wanted, and where they wanted. This was a monumental turn in how viewers enjoyed their TV entertainment. For a while, consumers thought that this was the best thing to happen to television, and it simply can’t get any better than this. Then came 2015 and with it Sling TV.

DISH combined the seemingly disparate worlds of pay TV and online streaming into one irresistible package – Sling TV. It was designed to be a cord-cutter’s live TV service. It was and continues to be the cable alternative for online viewers. But, it did not stop there. It went further than that.

Although it is not a purely on-demand service, Sling TV’s on-demand library can put even the established streaming services to shame. That’s not all. Sling TV is offering all the best things from both live TV and streaming services, redefining the consumers’ idea of good TV service, online or otherwise.


With Sling TV, You Never Pay Extra.

No, really. Sling TV offers only 3 basic packages, and all of them are lean packages that offer only a limited set of channels at affordable prices. The lowest pack, Sling Orange, costs only $20 per month, which is a fraction of what cable and satellite TV subscriptions cost. This pack offers only 30+ popular channels, which is enough for a casual TV viewer. The next higher pack, Sling Blue, costs only $25 per month, for which viewers can enjoy 40+ popular channels.

sling-tv-packagesThe highest pack, Sling Orange+Blue costs $40 per month, and gives the users access to 60+ channels. But, if you want more channels, there are a whole range of add-on packs, each costing $5 per month. The add-on packs include a variety of channels that are grouped together into niche packs. Viewers can curate their very own plan by adding these add-on packs to the basic plans.

Further, Sling TV also brings premium channels to the viewers. They too are offered as add-on packs, with varied pricing. Whatever your preferences, Sling TV has taken care of every kind of viewer. More importantly, no matter how many channels you subscribe to, you will never pay as high as the cable subscriptions.


Sling TV Is A Full-Fledged Streaming Service. Enjoy Your Content, Wherever You Want.

Once you install Sling TV app on your device, you can enjoy live TV anywhere you want, as long as you have a decent internet connection. You could be sitting in a coffee shop with Wi-Fi or in your living room, it doesn’t matter. If you have access to an internet connection, you can enjoy live TV. The plethora of devices that support Sling TV can be easily connected to your television so that you can enjoy your TV on the big screen.


Enjoy Your TV, Whenever You Want.

sling-tv-tabletSling TV is beating pay TV by offering what they are offering, and one-upping them at every step. By enabling its customers to enjoy live TV, Sling TV already took the fight to the pay TV services. Then, Sling TV one-upped them by allowing its users to enjoy their entertainment whenever they want as well.

The on-demand library of Sling TV boasts of a massive 30,000 titles which is unbelievable, even for a streaming service, let alone a live TV service. With so much on offer, a TV viewer can easily find something likeable to watch. Not one to settle, Sling TV has gone ahead and launched its much-awaited cloud DVR service.

Thanks to this new feature, a Sling TV subscriber can now record and store 50 hours of TV programming on the cloud. As the content is stored on the cloud, the subscriber can enjoy the recorded shows using any of the compatible devices, anywhere they want, whenever they want.

For those who are not satisfied with all of this, Sling TV offers another exciting feature. Its 3-day Replay feature allows the users to find the shows that are aired in the last 3 days, and watch them again on-demand. Slick, isn’t it?


Sling TV Allows Entire Family To Enjoy What They Want, On Separate Devices.

The cheapest plan, Sling Orange, offers 1 stream to the users, which means that you can enjoy Sling TV on only 1 device at any point in time. You can’t enjoy it on multiple devices simultaneously.

Earlier, this used to be true for all the plans offered by Sling TV. But, this was changed a few months ago. Now, Sling Blue plan provides the users 3 streams. In other words, when you subscribe to Sling Blue, you can enjoy live television on 3 different devices simultaneously. This way, nobody in your home has to compromise their entertainment for others. This is truly enjoying TV on your own terms.

Sling TV Is Doing All It Can To Change The Way We Consume Entertainment, One Channel At A Time.

Sling TV is what they call a disruptive innovation in the entertainment world. It is such a new concept that the industry is not yet ready to accept this huge change. But, just like dominos, the TV networks are falling in place, one by one. The best example of this is the 3-Day Replay feature.

Some channels, especially the local channels, do not support this feature yet. But, most of them are already available on the platform, and the service is working to add more. The change is gradual, but it is happening and it is the future.

By combining live TV and the on-demand streaming experience, Sling TV is aspiring to create a paradigm shift in how we consume entertainment. Certainly, this is where the future of entertainment will be.