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Fans Say Only One Thing Is Missing From Whose Line


What originally started as a UK series and eventually made its way into the US has now once again become a much loved improve show. Whose Line Is It Anyway came to America in 1998. With host Drew Carey and a regular cast of three comedians/actors, the show also featured a guest star that changed weekly. The show lasted for eight years before coming to an end in 2006.

While fans of the series said their goodbyes, it turns out they didn’t have to wait long, as the show was revived by the CW soon after. But, the new revival was missing one thing: the host.

Many fans began watching simply because Drew Carey was on board. While the repeated comedians, like Colin Mochrie and Ryan Stiles did gain fans after a few episodes, most of the audience viewers favored Drew.

Today, Aisha Tyler hosts the show. While the host changed, CW did manage to redesign a more modern set similar to the original, while keeping many of the same games and also getting the three original cast members back on board: Colin, Ryan, and Wayne Brady.

The show’s revival has brought on a new generation of fans, but many of those who got the chance to see the original US series say that Drew Carey is still needed to finish off the series. Despite the newest seasons rating well with fans, many have repeatedly mentioned in their reviews that they miss Drew, but they still only have great things to say about the show.

While many feel that Drew will bring the show back together once and for all, there’s no doubt that the new seasons are getting along fine without him. The return of the show has brought about many new fans, and has led to a spike in re-plays of the older seasons, too.

Even the UK version of the show has garnered some attention after the series made a return in the US. Even with some pleading for Drew to rejoin the cast, fans still appear to love the newest seasons.

Many have expressed their joy for seeing three of the original cast members come back for the revival, and fans of the older seasons have also stated that they’re glad the newest seasons mix both new and old games.

Among the new improve games used on the show, the most popular amongst fans seems to be Sideways Scenes. While none of the acts fail to provoke laughter from viewers, it seems everyone has their own favorite game.

Whose Line is quickly climbing its way up in the ranks as one of the most successful and hilarious shows on air. The guest stars have also helped bring more fans to the newest seasons, with episodes featuring Misha Collins from CW’s Supernatural and other prominent singers, actors, and comedians.

The show has also brought back some of the recurring guest stars from the older seasons, including fan-favorite Brad Sherwood and Greg Proops. The newer seasons have also seen the return of Linda Taylor and Laura Hall, who provided the musical effects for the earlier seasons, too.


The newest seasons have proven to be just as successful as the original seasons, if not more so. The show’s often absurd comedy has brought the network great ratings among viewers of all ages, and it seems many of those who favored the earlier seasons have come back to enjoy Whose Line once more.

While the original seasons came to an abrupt end, there doesn’t seem to be any end in sight this time around for Whose Line. The show’s ratings have dramatically increased with each season as fans of all ages spread the word about the on-the-spot comedy the show provides.

Perhaps the driving factor behind the show’s success is the great cast of comedians that have accompanied the series since the 90s. While there was a break in the series, they proved that they still had it in them once the show returned for another run on the CW.

All three regular cast members have quickly gained their own fan base from the show, and continue to cause laughter through situational comedy, dramatic acting, and inside jokes – many of which have been carried from the early episodes of the series.

The show has no doubt become one of the best and funniest shows on the CW, and with its great ratings, fans and critics know that it will be returning for another hilarious and exciting season. Just hop over to this entertainment website for more great television programming.